is there anything that i can do

Today i met up with Thomas, and i asked him to help me combinate this skirt, and so he did! We had so much fun. Anyways, here's the outfit we picked, it's much more classy then what i normaly wear but i really like it. And also a picture of thomas ouftit, because he just looked lovely. So do you think he did a good job? (and yes i know about the ticket in the last pics)

sotd : fleet foxes - anyone who's anyone


  1. i really really really like your skirt! where is it from? xoxox

  2. i love the outfit! looks great on you
    and he's looking pretty good too ;)

  3. Wat is je haar mooi!

  4. leuk joh!
    is thomas je vriendje of niet?
    hij is leeuukk

  5. haha neee helaas helaas
    mijn vriendje heet joost :P

  6. you look really good , love the skirt