i lost my way, thats what she said

mah ive spend all afternoon watching it's on with alexa chung. its rediculous how cool a person can be. and when she said that alex calls his car (a mini, could it be better) floyd, i fell of my chair. now it's time to clean up my room, you do not want to know how it looks like at the moment. te-rib-ble. oh yeah and this is something i made a few minutes ago, not professional or so, but i think it looks kinda cute
sotd : albert hammond jr. - 101


  1. Oh I love her! I really enjoy watching her show, she's not only pretty and very stylish, but she's down-to-earth and funny aswel!

  2. alexa chung is legendary! (L)
    one of my youtube video's came on her show i heard.
    and the thing you made is very cute!

  3. ahh loves voor dat ding, ziet er super uit! :D

  4. echt grappig is die show:P heel leuk gemaakt!!