Yeah, if you've seen the pictures of her house and the things she designed for RVCA i guess i don't have to tell you more then 'she rocks'. Erin is just to cool for words, i wouldn't be surprised if she's like curt cobains reincarnation :P. Hmm this makes me wonder if she can sing.

She looks great in gossip girl, and sometimes (note: sometimes means most of the time not) even better in real life, cause most of the time she looks like she's trying to hard or waaaay to slutty for a 16 year old. But there were i few looks i did really like, and i love her hair lately. So here some of her latest outfits i did love, im so into the rocker thing lately, don't know why.

Yeh, most of you must know that i totally adore her. She looks great, combines cute with rockish items and she has great jewellery. She's really pretty as well and the fact that alex turner is her boyfriend is helping too :P. Anyways, she seems like having a great personality, and it's so funny when she's so sarcastic on her show. This must be my biggest girl crush ever. I tried to pick some of my favourite outfits, but it's just impossible.

She's an editor at teen vogue, and she always looks so cute! She can go from a cute girl to a rock chick, but in a really different way then alexa, all the designer pieces you can see on her make me so jealous. And she is even capable of wearing red converse and make it look like a pret-a-porter piece. And ofcourse, i love the fact that she's a ginger, i'm so wanting her hair!

Although i'm not the biggest olsen fan, i've cought myself wearing a lot of similar outfits , i like the simplicity she sometimes has. These 5 outfits are so simple and so great, they make the checkerd shirt and skinny jeans and rick owens heels turn in absolute musthaves! And i love her hair, i have this thing with hair lately :P Mine just won't grow longer.

sotd : florence & the machine - dog days are over


  1. Trouwens, ik zag je in de Elle staan! Ik heb hem nog niet gekocht, maar dat zal ik gauw doen:p

  2. Ik vind Alexa, Taylor en Mary-ate leuk! Taylor werkt nu trouwens bij Marie Claire;)