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- just some things that are on my mind -

at the moment im in the south of austria and there's this cool town in the neigbourhood and they have really cool shops, and H&M! and they had the wonderfull sequin leggings sacha wears on this picture, i was so happy! cause i actually dont want to spend any money till im in londen, but these were so cheap i just couldnt resist

in the past 5 weeks of being away i've already bought 5 vogues, and i saw this thing about these aaaamazingly cute shoes from comme des garcons, i really need them! but ii guess im just gonna diy some simple black manshoes.. owhhh cuteness

okay and i found this really cute ginger model on ilovefake but i can't remember his name, but i will have a whole post about him when im back, here's a picture anyway

Okay and i have this sort of obsession for pictures of alexa and alex together, but searching trough 100 pages of thefashionspot costed a little to much time of my internet-acces, but i found 1 on the first page i clicked on! yay! alex does look a little scary lately though.. but fuck it, there still so damn cute together


  1. Have fun while your in Austria, and I can't wait to see what you wil buy in London! That redhead model was cute!

  2. Die schoenen zijn MEESTERLIJK! :D
    Hoe duur zijn ze?

  3. I trolled through those same 100 pages. I felt so accomplished when I reached the end, but I can't say that I added significantly to my Alexa archive.