life could be a dream

Ladies and gentleman! My first 'Joost Post' ever! :P
Yesterday i went to Amsterdam, Joost took me to help him find some new clothes. And so i did! At first i pointed at all these purple and colourfull things in H&M, and it took me a few minutes to realise he isn't a rainbow type, which was kinda funny cause i made him wear a purple shirt and it looked rediculous. Anyways, he bought some reallllly cool things of which im secretly kinda jealous. When we where home i wanted to see all the clothes on him again, and i tryed some on myself , i think im gonna steal his new wardrobe. His sister came over and took like a million pictures of us. So here are a few, most of them are taken in his bedroom. So ehrm.. enjoy? Oh yeah and play the song above, it will make you happy.

sotd : the crew nuts - life could be a dream


  1. met een jongen shoppen lijkt me echt grappig! en ik was toen dus ook in amsterdam en toen zag ik jou dus op het station waar ik moest overstappen (woerden) haha.

  2. Oo cool! Never been shopping with a guy before, haha :P I like his room!

  3. is that your boyfriend? :)

  4. oh wouw die outfit met de drie lagen is echt de perfecte belans tussen stylisch as a fag en carnivorig als een straight man en toch niet metro als een mietje!

    but you know i hate it when straight people dress better than me so i'll have to avoid joost in the school hallways...