ding dong question time

How old are you?
16! My birthday is on november 2nd.

How tall are you?
Hahaha erhm. Not big. I’m realllllly small. About 1.68m.

What level at school are you in, and what class?
Well i did 5 VWO this year, but since i had migraine 4 times a week i’m doing the year all over again. So next year it will be the same ☺.

Whatabout the boyfriend?
Hahahaha. You’ve got me there. I suck when it comes to ins and outs of my personal life. Well. I have a boyfriend, his name is Joost and he’s 16 and suuuuuuuuuch a cutie. He lives about 5 min away by bike and i already think that’s waaaay to far :P.

What camera do you use?
A nikon D50, pretty old model but i’m saving up for a new one.

What beautystuff do you use?
Ehrm. I’m not really in to make up, i look better without it. But i use a Clinique mascara and some cheap-ass liquid eyeliner. And sometimes some Maybelline matte mouse foundation, if i have pimples or something like that.

Are you excited for your holiday and with whom are you going?
Yeah! Totally, im leaving in a week and i’m dead nervous ( going to work in italy for 4 weeks ) and im sooo gonna miss my boyfriend. But hey i’ll survive. Oh and i’m going with my lovely friend maxine and we will have soooo much fun.

What’s you’re favorite way to spend your time-off.
Going to the beach and just let out my inner child, and cuddling up with boyfriiiiiend, and going to festivals and concerts! And so on...

What’s your favorite food?
I like tapas! Cause then i get to get all kinds of small and tasty things, i don’t like one big meal in the same taste.

Which country is a real must to go to?
Well i’m not gonna name a certain country but a certain city, everybody always talks about new york, but i think san francisco is even better! So go there, it ’s such a wonderfull city.

Is the blond guy you’re boyfriend?
Well, you probably mean Corne, but no, he’s gay and he’s my best friend. But my boyfriend is blond too.

Do you go on a vacation every holiday?
Yeh i do, my parents work a loooot so they want to spend their holiday’s good! So we never are home during holiday’s, i’ve seen lots of places in the world!

What do you think is the most beautifull and the most ugly part of your body?
Well i don’t really think any part of my body is ugly but i guess i’d like to have slightly bigger boobs :p im as flat as a stick. And the most beautifull. My long and thin legs, i’m very happy with that. Mostly i have a ‘i like my face ‘ or a ‘ i don’t like my face ‘ mood, and that’s all...

Favourite class at school, and the least favourite?
Everything involving art and creativity, and human science, really cool! I really disslike dutch and economics.

What’s your dream hair?
Long poofy ginger hair! I’m trying to grow mine but it just never works.

What’s your favourite blog?
I have 2 blogs i check out daily, arvida bystrom and polkadots & vodkashots.

Do you have a second name?
Uhu! My full name is Suze Anne Kuit ☺.

Can you sing?
Ehmmmm. I like to do so and it sounds okay but that’s all.

Do you play an instrument?
I’m teaching myself to play guitar and piano!

How many guys have you kissed?
You really wanna know? I’m not sure but i think about 10.

Do you have a job?
Yes i do! I work at an Italian Delicate-Food store, every saturday from 8 a.m to 6 p.m. It’s a fun job, but not what i want to do later on.

What job do you want when you’re older?
Uhm. Fashion Photographer, or fashion editor at a cool magazine! But freelance is okay too, i guess.

What study do you want to do after highschool?
I’m not sure, i want to do something with fashion but not an all fashion-study, cause i will get bored then. Something with photography included. So maby an art-school or a Trends & Lifestyle study.

On what age did you start to get interested in fashion?
Ehrrrrm. Well i always liked dressing up but real interest in fashion started when i was 13, that was when i started making inspiration-books and a blog.

Where do you get all the money, you buy so many clothes!
Yeah i don’t really now, somehow i always have money, but i guess from work, babysitting, selling stuff and pocketmoney? It’s a mystery to me 2 :P.

How much do you shop for real in an average month?
Ehrm. I’d say i go shopping once per month, and then i buy loooots of things. And sometimes i just see something i like and pick that op too.

What’s a good replacement for ellegirl magazine?
Well i’d say Nylon Magazine, it isn’t dutch though, but it’s a suuuupercool mag! And if you really need a dutch one, l’officiel isn’t bad either.

How come you were allowed to do a photoshoot for elle magazine?
Well i had the luck someone who used to work at ellegirl has been reading my blog ever since i had a page in ellegirl. And uhm, yeah, she told the guys of elle they had to pick me! So fun!

How would you describe your style?
As a little bit of everyhting, but mostly edgy. I don’t have one style, i wear sweet/rock/boho/simple clothes. I can’t pick a fav.

Do you buy stuff on the market?
Sometimes, but only on vintage markets, the other ones have to cheap-looking clothes for me.

Why don’t you wear your old clothes?
I do! But i just don’t post picture of them. But you’re right, i should wear more of my old clothes. Naughty naughty me.

Favourite shopping city in holland? And in the whole world?
Amsterdam for sure, vintage rules! And San Fransisco, they have a little part of town where the hippies used to live, and it’s stuffed with the coolest shops!

According to you what is THE fashion brand of the moment.
Uhmm.. in couture i think it’s balmain, and for affordable clothes it must be topshop, just to cool for words.

Have you ever been to the cool village Bodegraven?
Of course! I go there every once in a while, have some friends living there too, so if you want me to visit you, no problem, would be fun!

Did you ever smoke the waterpipe?
Uhu, but ofcourse! I have one at home, it’s so much fun and i like all the tastes!

Can we be best friends?
But ofcourse my darling, always!


  1. really fun reading this and learning more about you!

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    Maar ff serieus Bodegraven zuiggggggggggt [en ik zit er tot mn 18e, of langer..] haha.

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    wist helemaal niet dat je een bf had
    maar hijs is wel knap!

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    So what about Alphen aan den Rijn and Koudekerk aan den Rijn? Ever visited those places? :p

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