i'm hard to remember but impossible to forget

this is an oldie but goldie. today i had to make a though decision cause 2 of my favorite movies with kirsten were on, marie antoinette and elizabethtown. i eventually went for etown cause i've watched marie for like 5 times in a row about a month ago, couldn't resist to zap to the other movie during the breaks though. awwwwww kirsten you're adorable, she has the most beautifull face ever. i'm really sorry but for the coming few days the're won't be any posts cause im way to busy with workworkwork. sooooorrry!

sotd : nouvelle vague - i melt with you


  1. I have seen Elizabethtown once, it's so adorable! I have not watched Marie Antionette yet, tho, but I plan to (:

  2. haha ja, dat was inderdaad stom dat die films op hetzelfde tijdstip uitgezonden werd:s Dat zijn namelijk ook mijn favoriete films, en ik keek uiteindelijk ook etown:p

    maar dat is echt kut dat je dan net op vakantie bent:( maar jij gaat tenminste op vakantie :p

  3. i saw elizabethtown two times last week while i was sick and i love kirsten and also marie antoinette

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