gossip gossip gossip

Okay so i never really was into gossip but i surely am interested in this! Wtf.. agyness deyn and miles kane ( the last shadow puppets ) dating!? I thought it was cool that my style icon nr.1 alexa chung had something with best artist (alex turner) ever. But now it's getting even weirder! Style icon nr.2 suddenly has something with the other part of the last shadow puppets! WHUUUUAAAAT. but okay, it isn't that weird though, since alexa and aggy are good friends, and so are miles and alex (duh). But still, i never would have guessed for this to happen. But hey, maybe we will get some dubbledate shots later on? That would be nice, 2 of the best dressed girls ever together with 2 isanely talented and cute guys. Woooooh! But there's more! Aggy has said she's quiting modelling to move back to the uk, to live together with miles. And be an actrice..? Right aggy.. we will see.

Oh and while we're busy. I looooooved to see Jack Black and Michael Cera in alexa's first show on mtv! Lovely! I hope the show will launch in holland too, im begging you mtv!


  1. AWW michael cera
    he's sooo coooooooool!
    he's amaaazing.

  2. Omg is she?! I've not heard that! Alexa and Alex are still together aren't they ?
    Oh no Model turned Actress.... dum dum dum

  3. gossips make life worth while ;) btw, thanx for ur lovely comments..yeah i live in Kuala Lumpur, and we hv most of UK's stores here..its a great city..u should come n have a visit if u wanna soak up the sun :) <3 x

  4. huh echt? dat is niet echt aanzienkomen-baar.
    Alexa en Alex blijven het leukste perfecte stelletje