In April 2009, when Bas and Matthijs almost knew each other for almost 10 years, they planned there first performance. Starting with nothing, they began to play at Queensday in Utrecht on the market. Their earnings: 115 euros. When they played in Utrecht at Queensday, there were already some speculations of the beginning of a band/formation, because all the audience Matthijs and Bas had at Queensday, were really impressed. The name Showering Bears was a logical result of circumstances. Both Bas as Matthijs were member of a so called bearclub and because Matthijs wrote all the songs after a visit of the shower, Showering Bears was born. And the're good! They will perform on sziget(budapest) this summer and i bet a lot more performs will follow. Visit their myspace here



  1. oef klinkt erg goed, maar sziget supervet hoe komen ze daar terecht? inspirerende mensen heb je om je heen!

  2. sziget? omg, I'll definetly 'check them out' in case I get to go!:]
    this is soo coool,congrats for them.

    oh,by the way, I'm hungarian.

  3. klinkt echt supervet! :D