san fransisco & yosemite part 2

Okay this was weird cause i suddenly started screaming and everybody was like wtf but i couldn't help it. There was a huuuge franz ferdinand poster in the middle of the street. I wish i had taken it with me :(.

Yesterdaymorning i went shopping (see my purchases in the post below) and in the afternoon we visited ashbury heights, the greatest part of the town imo! It's the part were all the cool people live, all the vintage shops are over here. Even the homeless have cool signs to ask for money. No wonder, cause this was the hippie-part of the town. There were all these cool pipi-longstockings houses. So amazing.

Today we hired some beach-cruisers and drove trough yosemite park to see some waterfalls. It was quite fun (better than walking) but it sucked that we had to wear helmets (california law..blugh), AND tefa's (my parents law, more bluggggh).


  1. wauww allemaal zo mooi! ben ik een keertje niet op vakantie omdat ik eindelijk thuis wou blijven, krijg ik heimwee naar reizen, haha.

  2. So nice pictures! The houses are really cute! :D

  3. nou die helm staat uitermate sexy suze. Niet aanstellen hoor! haha.

  4. Gosh, tefa's. I remember them.. In a rebellish clean-up mood I trew them away. Now I always wear all stars when we're going somewhere wet. They're waterproof, too! Tell your parents that. ;)
    Have fun @ San Fran for some more days!

  5. Ik ben echt jaloers op je, wat een leuke foto's.