san fran part 1

Bought new shirt + skirt + belt from forever 21. (not the best pic sorry)

this is san fran baby

this cablecar we went on, its sooo much fun!

we spent like an hour watching these sealions, there so funny.

walkin the steep heels of san fran, we walked like 25 km or something

bored!!! had to wait 6 hours on portland oregan for our fligt to sf took off.

Firt starbuccccks!

Me and my bro, i wore these weels, was pretty funny.


Me in front of some.. thing.

The pics are not in chronologic order, can't work proparly on this pc. Im off now, going shooooooopping!


  1. you could have asked Camille from childhoodflames to meet up. She lives in Portland, Oregon

  2. San Fran is the best! Ik was er afgelopen zomer... & ik mis het :(

  3. um, if you have that long of a layover in portland on return flight, go into the city for a few hours! The airport is close in, and there are all sorts of cool neighborhoods less than 30 mins away. N. mississippi, SE Hawthore and Belmont are a few

  4. San Fransisco looks like sooo much fun, I have to visit soon! The last picture is lovely btw!

  5. i really want to go san francisco, i'v never been there!
    love your outfit with the denim dress and the converse, so cute!