How My Heart Behaves (Sab's Column)

Hee there
long time no see,
it's finally vacation, i've been working my but off at school.
and all that working is probably not even enough for havo 4. crap.
my mother and my brother are off to New York(again), i gave them my wishlist with things from the forever21, and most importantly, red low allstars, oh how i love low allstars, especially the red and black ones.
Well, enough about my obsession for red low allstars, let the fashion begin.

TeenVogueLove, i adore it.

ok ok next subject,
I am selling some of my stuff (clothing,shoes)
some of it;
a vest from the FOREVER21 (it didn't fit me well)

Nikes from NY

A vintage shirt from Zipper

High allstars

for more you can look on this site of ellegirls fashionfinds;

And i just found some amazing designing from Matthew Williamson,
The peach dress from the model with the short blond hair is like everything i ever wanted.
I sooooo hope that i can find some kind of look-a-like in the h&m anytime soon.

And cause i have no inspiration for this column left whatsoever, i'm ending this column with the fashion picture of the week/month;

xoxo Sab


  1. AllStars are awesome! Cool stuff your selling :)

  2. one love and it's awesome
    i made an popular t-shirt with vintage to

  3. NY, cooool! Why don't you join them :O

  4. volgens mij heb je wel jurkjes in zulke modellen in iedergeval bij river island.. :)