and she fights for her life on the train

I cleaned up my closet yesterday, and i exadentelly created some color themes. So now i came up with the idea of a new category. Every now and then i will create a color theme with 6 pieces. And then create 6 outfits for 6 different occasions. So here's the first one. Pastel Colors to be precise. So here are the 6 outfits.

Outfit 1 = The flary dress -> Could be worn best to an afternoon party while watching sunset, ending up on a cool party.
Outfit 2 = The fairytale skirt -> Perfect for wearing to some kind of art-gallery thing, all eyes are on you.
Outfit 3 = The Waistskirt -> Black with converse, great for concerts, you're still looking good while being able to dance the night away.
Outfit 4 = The shortie -> This cute and fresh skirt is perfect to be worn in fields, with a braided headband you're hippyness is being boosted and you're ready for the festivals!
Outfit 5 = The easy dress -> You only need a studded belt to make this look little less girly and your totally school-proof.
Outfit 6 = The cute vest -> Picknicks! So romantic! You'll only need a short dress and you're ready to go.

sotd : oren lavie - her morning elegance


  1. Briljante outfits!! Echt briljant!!

  2. I totally envy your skirts and dresses,hha.

  3. Je outfits zijn weer eens geweldig, haha! Vanaf wanneer droeg je eigenlijk deze kleding? Ik bedoel de aparte kleding? Je ziet er in ieder geval heel leuk uit!


  4. haha uhm, tja, die draag ik eigenlijk naar alles :P zelfs naar school. zijn ze wel gewend van me hoor.

  5. Oh I love the outfit on the 2nd picture! The skirt is incredibly cute! ^^ <3

  6. haha hoeveel kleren heb jij?
    iniedergeval a lot denk ik ;d
    Dit vind ik echt de tofste
    outfits van je die je ooit
    gepost hebt!

  7. gorgeous outfitsw!

  8. Wow! I love all the outfits. They're all exactly the colours I want for spring.

  9. Lovely post! I adore pastels...


  10. the first three outfits are great!

  11. de tweede, vierde en de zesde outfit zijn echt superleuk, cute!

  12. i love the sleeves on four!!

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