and second thoughts

Today i visited corne's schoolmusical together with his boyfriend jeffrey, it was lovely. Our corne is such a good actor. Anyway's, he's not on my school, but the other highschool in our hometown, and jeffrey doesn't even live here. And every time i visit Corne's school i'm overwhelmed by it's ugly-ness, the psychedelic floor gives me a head-ache every freakin' time i look at it. We took this pic over there, it's jeffrey in the pic.

I'm off for 10 days to San Fransisco, i guess i will post there, but whe'll see. Bye!!!!

sotd : belle&sebastian - if she wants me


  1. hi suusje.
    veel plezier in SF.
    loves. x

  2. Love your blog!! have a great weekend.

  3. wat een cutie die jeffrey

  4. i hope you'll have a great time in SF. :]
    make sure to wear some flowers in your hair.
    [bad joke, i know]

  5. haha die vloer is echt vreselijk inderdaad!
    have fun in san fransisco!

  6. well, I think my school is ugly too;-)