why would i carry such a weight on my shoulders

I visited Amsterdam today, was pretty cool, went to visit an exposition about Richard Avedon. Damn he's a genius! Anyway, i went there with Cleo and it was fun, to bad we had no time for shopping. OH, something cool. When we walked trough a street we suddenly were surrounded by kids, kids, everywhere! Our body's got filled with complete happyness and we started taking pictures of all the kids, resulting in pictures of cute little girls and boys looking very stunned, then surprised. FUN!

Some of my favourite pic's showed in the exhibition.

sotd : the do - on my shoulders


  1. what a great exhibit !
    ++ i love what you're wearing . stripes are my favourite .


  2. hihi, daar ben ik ook geweest met mijn klas!
    erg mooie portretfoto's.


  3. Cool!
    How funny, I was planning to put some of his pictures on my blog ass well and I was also planning to go there.
    I read something about him in the Elle, I love his pictures!

  4. leuk leuk! je outfit is ook weer helemaal leuk. ;)