How My Heart Behaves (Sab's Column)

What I Like.


I Like..

The Hills

With Lauren Conrad

because she's very inpiring for me, she works at TeenVogue (my dreamjob) and is always fashionable dressed.

I Like..

hot people

Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl)

Elianne Smit from wwmodels

Marc Jacobs

Cory Kennedy (and her wicked friends)

The gorgeous Lara Stone

Junior from Name Models

Sascha Hilton

cause they're just so hot, and good in what they do.
Elianne is great is modeling like Cory is good in partying like Marc Jacobs is fabulous in designing etc etc.

I Like..

The Notebook

because this film is romantic, exciting, and fun.
i adore the clothes, the characters and the ambiance around it.
one of mu favourites scenes:

I Like..

Hot pink nailpolish

i have the left one!

cause it adds something to your outfit/look and it's just adorable.

I Like..

Making outfits inpired on other people
they didn't all worked out great, but well i've tryed:

and at last but not least, the fashion picture of the week:

if you have any questions about me or my column, just ask!

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