and i need your soul

Cleo turned 17 this friday, i woke up with a smile, cause it was so sunny! It was a lovely day, i bought her applepie to eat during economics, and the teacher was so friendly to let us go out. So we sat in the sun, and had some fun. After that we went to her home which was lovely to! In the evening we all went to see Matthijs perform, he did suuuuch a great job!

sotd : the kooks - sway


  1. cute pictures, espceially the jump one and the on on the hill.
    hey, would you like to exchange links? rituel too addiction?!
    have a sunny sunday.

  2. Ooh that's cool! (: Really nice pics!
    You have all lovely outfits! x

  3. waar blijft die foto van mij?