How My Heart Behaves (Sab's column)

Found them! pictures of the lovely Sweden.

Beyond Retro, a great vintage shop

me, on a REALLY BAD HAIR DAY, in one of the sweetest lunchrooms i've ever been

Pretty mary jane heels that i wanted really bad, but my wallet didn't agree

me, and.. uhm.. a really big ben & jerry's ice-cream

the beautiful view

a adorable kind of Pippi Langkous house, i want a pink one.

and i've made a collage of the stylish people there;

I also did a photoshoot with rosanne, you can see it on her blog;
visit, it's a really cool blog!

i'm kind of inspiration-less right now, so i will just give you the fav. fashion picture of the week and than i will see you next time



  1. Aah, wat leuk dat je foto's hebt genomen van stylish people! En Beyond Retro lijkt me echt fantastisch:|

  2. lieve sab, ik heb je column helemaal niet gezien. Maar ik ging je oude columns terug lezen toen ik deze zag!
    Het is zo'n leuke post! met veel te weinig reacties.

    xoxo. & veel liefs


  3. jou column is altijd leuk, je kledingstijl is ook tof! en leuke foto's, dat pippi langkous huis is supersupermooi zeg!