after a month of no posting i've decided to start posting again,
it probably won't be as much as i did before, but it's at least something.

well.. has anything interesting happend?
hmmnoh no don't think so. my hair has grown? a bit?
this will just be a random post with some things i've loved lately

fact 1 : between my long and boring study sessions i've been watching gossip girl from beginning to end. what a great show!
and i just. love. chuck. HOTNESS!

fact 2: alexa and pixie look adorable in this pic, i tried on a similar coat as alexa's wearning but hadn't got enough money. bugger!

fact 3 : i discovered a fabulous new dutch brand Addy van den Krommenacker, these 2 dresses just rock..

fact 4 : these shoes just are the perfect solution if you dont have the money to buy real balmain.. people like me (zara)

fact 5 : and just some gossip girl inspired editorial from dirrty glam.. i love the way its edited


  1. yeaaah je bent terug :)
    like ur hair

  2. yesyesyes! echt leuk dat je weer blogt!
    en ja, chuck is gewoon zoooo mooi! hij speelt ook in een band he, the filthy youth. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p14iJTjKfO4

  3. Ik ben blij dat je terug bent

  4. Jeeeeeeeee! Je bent weer aan het bloggen:D

    Chuck Bass is awesome....:O

  5. Mijn nieuwe economieleraar lijkt wel de tweelingbroer van Nate. Ook niet verkeerd toch?

  6. Gelukkig, ik heb je gemist lieve suzie!

  7. yes yes yes!
    i'm so happy ur back! =D

  8. Leuk dat je weer terug bent! Ik heb je site gevonden via Ellegirl. Zo tof dat je daar in stond!
    Heb je interesse om te linken?