I want to live in a big city.

I cleaned up my room and as i did i found all these cool accesoiries. So now i've made a baskin filled with cool accessoiries and i'm going to force myself to wear them since i have millions of those things and i never wear them once.

When i came home from acting-class yesterday i found out my cat had threw up in my room! I now have decided i want a new cat, this one to be precisely.

I was watching Marie Antoinette for the 3rd time and took a quick screenshot from the wonderful thing i already noticed the very first time i saw it. Converse! Converse between als those ditsy coloured pastely shoes. How wonderfull. Thank you, miss sofia coppola.

I started ripping up my old black jeans, this is how far i got. But i don't know if i shall continue or let it be like this. What do you think?

I got a late-birthday present. Harajuku lovers G.
Which is a good thing since it smells like malibu, with whom i have an secret obsession.

If i would be rich i would buy these shoes and wear them to every single ocation, even to bed.

And this is what i wore yesterday.


  1. Dóórgaan met die broek!
    als je het doet, doe je het goed. haha


  2. Ik wil ook in een grote stad wonen.

    Ga maar door met je broek! Hij is leuk:)

    Dat katje is te schattig.

    Leuke outfit.

    Oke, nu heb ik wel weer genoeg gezegd:)

  3. Gewoon verder scheuren.
    Ripped jeans zijn geweldig, en volgens mij staat het jou heel goed.
    Aaah, hoe klein is dat katje :]

  4. leuke post.
    en je outfit is mooi bij elkaar x

  5. Ohmijngod.Datkatje!!!!!!!!!

    too cute for words :p

  6. ik weet niet welke maat schoenen je hebt, maar hier kun je voor look alikes bieden (37)