she was waiting at the station, we were getting off the train

Today i visited Jorike & Jeffrey together with Jap & Corne.
We went to Houten with the train and stayed there till somewhere in the evening.
It was a lot of fun and i bought a new sweater!
And we went ice-skating, without skates though. And i'm a pussy so i got scared and ran away.
Anyway, it was nice, as always.

We ate peanuts.


Jorike and I gave Jap Hickey's all over the place. No idea why, we just did. Actually it was a competition. But she won. Boo-hoo

Jap bought these awesome shoes which i've been searching for for months and now he just found them. But my size was sold out. dammmmmnit.

Me and jasper in the train back home.

AND as last but not least, i bought a new sweater.
And i love love love ittttt <333. And it was so cheap!


  1. wow, nice sweater! i lovee it! it's from coolcat, isn't it? (:

  2. het vest is echt heel leuk, alleen jammer van de vans. veel plezier nog vanavond. x

  3. die heb ik oook!
    hoe goedkoop was die dan?
    mijne was facking 30 euro.
    maarja heb dr wel donders veel plezier van.
    echt eeen heeeeerlijke trui!

  4. Gosh, just found your blog and I love it!

    x x x