now she sleeps with one eye open

SO! I'm back from Austria. It was cold, cold but fun.
Although i got sick by some stupid lollipops and had to spend most of the time in bed, it still was fun.
I went apres-skiing with my waiter and i now have a place to sleep when i once visit Sydney, can't be better!
I came back today, spend 8 hours in the car while being nauseaus, yuch, and well, my house is as cold as a fucking freezer, so my parents ran away to a restaurant and now i'm here all alone looking crappy.
So, what did i do except for snowboarding/lying sick in bed? See here :

Got this amazing letter/drawing from Jorike about the first time we met (i told you she was cool!).

Got a new phone.

And met up with Jorike.

And had fun.