perhaps vampires is a bit strong but...

Today was halloween.. above you find my brother in a garbagethingie on weels..
I went to ''k'' with Cleo and Corne and we had lots of fun.
Cleo and i were dressed in fur.. it's my new fur thrifted jacket, it's sooo hot (and i mean that literally).
Anyway, we also went to this uh.. playground.. and we got drunk by swinging on the swing.. without any alcohol involved.. weird.
So.. pictures.. of me and my new furry friend.. it's a yeti! Oh, and the shirt Corne and i bought yesterday, we both wore it.


  1. is the shirt from h&m? x

  2. leuke foto's! hahaha dat bierviltje heb ik in mijn agenda zitten 8) x

  3. nooo the shirt is from C&A, and it's a men size L so i could wear it as a dress