enjoy yourself and take only what you need

Or at least. I was the day before yesterday.

My party was great, i met Iris and Pieter from a little bag of cocaine,which was really fun!
I slept there with a bunch of friends.
The cleaning part was a bit less fun, cause we were all so tired.. and the floor had gone from white to totally black. Yugh.
AAAAAND i got a shitload of present including this amazing headphone ( THANKS! ), a coconut (they wanted to be sure to give me something i hadn't have already), a talking watch, and lots and lots more!

The rest i actually don't really remember. Whoops.

On sunday i visited a Late Of The Pier concert, which was awesome.
They invited us on the stage, and they're great live!
Especially from 1m away!!!!

A pic of me and my new headphone, alexa's got it 2! YEEH!


  1. Super vet! Je koptelefoon is echt te hip.

  2. je party was awesome!

  3. vette headphone en dat geruite jasje is leuheuk!