cross your fingers

Mystery!? I wrote M79, like the vampire weekend song on a table in my german classroom.
And i thought that except for me and my friends no-one in our whole school knows vampire weekend.
But when i came back today, somebody wrote 'vampire weekend' under my drawing.
Who would it be!? Some of my friends, or some cool person i don't know!?
It's a mystery!

I did nothing on school today, i took my small camera, and took useless pictures.
I also took my wreck this journal, and painted a few pages, shown below!

First pages in my wreck this journal, they aren't finished though!


  1. Aaah, vampire weekend!
    Ik vind het echt geweldig. Campus vind ik vooral echt heel leuk.

    Ik denk dat ik een Wreck this Journal voor Sinterklaas ga vragen...

  2. heeeƩ
    een nieuwe header! leukleuk

  3. Ahh vampire weekend..
    And that could turn out to be like a really cliche love story, you know. Maybe it's really cute boy who wrote vampire weekender under m79 and yeah.. all cliche like you would fall in love..

  4. Oeeeeh.
    Hoe kom je aan dat wreck this Journal?
    Het ziet er vet grappig uit :)