mais oui, c'est paris

A few weeks ago Matthijs went to Paris and took my camera, just like how he now is taking it to China.
I like the fact that my camera has been to several big city's were i have never been.
I just picked a few of my favourites, of the pictures he took.

The coldplay cover painting!


  1. The boy with the blond hair really reminds me of John Robinson, the blond boy in 'Elephant'.
    It's a pretty picture.

  2. de eerste paar foto's zijn echt super mooi genomen (in de kerk ofzo iets denk?) de rest is natuurlijk ook super ! x

  3. echt zulke leuke foto's!
    vind die foto van een banaan-pijpende marilyn monroe erg tof hihi!
    grapje! maar wel echt hele leuke foto's!