it's Tho time: teaparties, vintage camera's and my love for elle

Hi all!

I was sooooooo happy when Suze asked me to write something on her blog!
let me introduce myself: My name is Thomas and I live in Linschoten, a verry boring and small place near Woerden. I'm 14 years old and you might know me from suzes fleamarket pictures. I like doing great things with friends, laughing and taking pictures with my crappy digital camera ( i'm waiting for my Canon EOS 450 which I'm hopefully getting for my B-day ) When I'm older I want to do something in fashion.
I'm going to post some pictures and talk about things that I did and things I love.

Today Susan came over and we had a lot of fun. first we went to Merel and Esmee because Esmee bought a verry funny wig. She looked so funny with it.
This is Esmee with her lovely wig.

Esmee and I

After we went to Esmee and Merel we went to my house and had a tea party with cookies and ofcourse tea
Susan and I and our lovely tea party.

After our tea party we watched the simple life.

I also would like to tell you about my Elle Magazine collection. I have over 30 elles and I'm buying them since late 2005. I love to read them again, again and again. I really want to be sure that I have missed nothing!
I love all the colors

As last I want to show you my lovely vintage camera that I bought for 3 euro at at a second-handstore. It only doesn't work but it looks great in my messy room!

This was my story!




  1. omg this post sucks.

    grapjuuuh I like it a lot!
    teaparty lijkt me zooo gezellig
    en die pruik hihi


  2. haha wat een leuke post!
    thomas is cool:P hihi
    teaparty lijkt me super!

  3. ik vind je cardigan heel leuk.
    leuke post

  4. leuke dingen heb je gedaan :) die camera is echt leuk (haha en ik heb een canon eos 400D en die is echt fijn!)

  5. Ik vind het leuk als jongens de Elle kopen. Leuke post!