genius and the tramp

I have a new shirt from topshop, thanks to matthijs' mum.
And uh, i broke my camera today but my dad fixed it within seconds, fieuw.
So, just some pictures i took when i was bored.
Two test weeks coming up, not much time to update.. sorry.
Oh, and the shuttershades are my brothers, i actually don't even like them.. whatever.

And 2 songs i listen to a lot recentelly.

GFC by Albert Hammond Jr.

Genius And The Tramp by Milburn


  1. i have this skirt . so does keely osbourne x

  2. da shirtje is nice.
    vanwaar is da?

  3. van de Topshop uit kuala Lumpur. De moeder van Matthijs was zo aardig om het mee te nemen voor me.

  4. echt een leuk shirt :)
    & ik moet zeggen, ik vind die foto met de shuttershades echt wel leuk. special effect door die bril!