your protector

I'm sick,and i'm forced to wear my scarf all day long ( don't really mind, it's cozy ).
My friend has a talking computer, a what? Yes, a talking computer, he talks with every move you make with the mouse, in the beginning it's funny, but after a few minutes it begins to get annoying. Screaming SHUT UP! doesn't work, it just goes on and on and on.. my poor friend. Yesterday i went to hip-hop dance lessons for the very first time, did i like it? Yes, but it's quit difficult and totally not my music, would there be some kind of indie dance school? would be fun! I went to see the sports-doctor to day, and she wants me to start pilates! Ahaha i can see myself wrapped up in strange positions on a big rubber ball. We'll see how it works out. It's me in my today's outfit beneath.


  1. Beterschap!
    Hahaha een talkin computer
    lijkt me vet irritant hihi.
    Leuke outfit (zoals altijd)

  2. waarvan is dat shirtje?
    ik heb namenlijk ook zo een rok
    maar heel slim, ik heb niet echt een goed shirt om erop te dragen

    beterschap! xx

  3. is van de H&M boys divided
    4,90 en ze hebben ze in allllerlei kleurtjes!

  4. Leuk outfitje! zijn dat minnetonka's ? xx