that cobra girl

Marc the Cobrasnake, he has always been one of my biggest inspirations. I remember how i found his site about 2 years ago and how i was stunned by the coolness of the people, i just couldn't imagine people could actually look so amazing! 2 years later and i don't visit his site that often anymore, but today i did, and i found a new girl, i don't know her name, let's just call her Megan, she looks like a Megan, anyway, i thought, we need a new Cory, just cause Cory isn't Cory anymore. So here she is, our new anonymous new Cory.. called Megan!


  1. she has a shirt with 3 boobs!!!
    how cool is that;)

  2. Ah! zij is zo cool, de kleren die ze draagt zijn echt geweldig

  3. leuk leuk :)
    ik ben echt benieuwd naar je shoptopic! x

  4. I don't know if anyone answered this for you yet... but that's Tallulah Morton, she's a model from Australia and is signed with IMG models (I think she's mainly based in NYC now). ;)


  5. Oops, wait a second... just looked it up, and realized that I guess Tallulah is no longer signed with IMG models. I don't know who's signed with now, but she used to be with IMG back when I first knew her.