the strawberry string

School has started, i finished all my homework before 4 o'clock, what leaves me a whole evening with doing...?
Exactelly, that's the question.
I got so happy when i heard my dad had put on my Coldplay cd really really loud, i enjoy it a lot when he does that.
I'm cold, my room is a biiig mess, i had to clean it days before but i'm to lazy, yuch, a pile of 1 meter high with clothes to sort out, forget it! So i'm here on my butt behind Mac, my foot is sleeping, and i'm o so hungry.
What makes me write all this? I don't know, but my teacher told me people wright cause then the things get more realistic.
Tomorrow i'm going to the shop and buy myself a cd of the money i earned this holiday, i like to buy cd's.
Anyhow, i've figured out what i'm doing tonight, first i'm going to eat, and them i'm going to take loooots of pictures.
Enough of my daily-useless-talks.


I found this photographer, and she has some awesome work. The feeling in her pictures are undiscribable.
Her little sister apears to be a great model!


  1. wat een mooie foto's
    die 1e vind ik vooral mooi

  2. I looove the pictures, what's her name?

  3. Blithesome Reborn Year[url=],[/url] one! :)