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Irina Lazareanu - Strange Places

This afternoon i've been watching Irina Lazareanu vid's on youtube. I realised i never actually heared her voice, and when i heard it i was shocked, it's perfect, the english accent with strange twist and something french in it, i love love love it. Correction, i love her! She's cute, pretty, she's a great singer, she looks amazing, and uhh.. i guess that were enough arguments.
Oh, what i wanted to tell. When i saw the babyshambles live the first thing i thought when i saw Pete was like.. wow.. this man has (approximatelly) fucked Kate and Irina... whahaha.. insane that when i go there for his music all i can still think of is fashion. Anyway, i think they look great together.

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  1. "this man has (approximatelly) fucked Kate and Irina..."

    hahahaha, probably yeah xD