How My Heart Behaves (Sab's Column)

I’m sorry I haven’t post for quite a long time, I’m just enjoying my vacation (you did miss me right?)and in this column I wanted to tell you about my vacation and what I have done the last few weeks.
Therefore I needed pictures of my vacation, so I had to wait till the vacation was over.

And it’s over now. Ok. Let’s begin!
I’ve done quite a lot this summer, celebrating vacation with friends that kind of stuff.

Of course I went to Fashion Camp, already told that I know I know I wanted to tell it again for the ones who didn’t knew it jet :) .

Accesoiry party with loud music and some pretty strange dresses.

Me, photographing an outfit that I made.

I went to Lanzarote, got some new clothing and swimmed in the sea.
I had never seen lanzarote before of a picture of it, so in the plane when we approached the island I was like ‘huh? Everything is just flat and brown wit white houses?’.
Also thought you couldn’t shop very good there, but I was totally wrong!
I’ve bought beautiful shoes, my dream-jeans and lots of other nice stuff, but you have to go to the centre, cause the rest of the island is just souvenirs shops.
It was very nice.

Me, shopping in my new pants and shirt.

Taking a picture with a beautiful old rusted ship behind me.

The view from our holiday area. with me in it.

Enjoying the sun.

Our view from the garden.

Me at the reception.

Mick(my brother), back home.

I went a couple of times to the meije(the same place where I celebrated my birthday). Very sunny, very lovely.

The cute little house in the meije.

My dad, Wouter, Marjan and the dog Monty in the garden.

A peaceful picture of the garden.

I met a very stylish girl, Rosanne, a new friend of mine.

Rosanne, in the Vero Moda

Me (trying on some kind of penguin-cardigan) and Rosanne.

I went biking with my lovely friend susan, we have like these kind of days that we spend the whole day on our bikes, that day wasn’t like that, we where planning to, but we saw a playground and spend the whole day taking pictures, eating candy and reading magazines.

Lovely suusje.

Sab & Suus striking a pose.


I went to the beach with some friends of mine.
You can see at the clouds, it wasn’t really that sunny but who cares, we had a great day!

Merel, Rowan and me.

Sab & Meer

Thomas laughing and merel… acting a bit weird :)


Thomas. Hihi.

Iris – Merel – Rowan - Thomas

Our self-made tent. I love my friends!

Of course the fleamarket at the Woerdense Vakantie Week with our own ‘toko’.

And I stayed for a night in Nieuwegein with my friend Kaouther.
We watched a movie, shopped a little and of course made some pictures.

Me, Kaut and kaut’s doll Anna.

Me, laughing at Kaut cause she fell from the bed when we were jumping for a picture.

For the love of light.

Well, that was about it. Of course I did many others things this summer but I couldn’t bring my camera everywhere with me.
My summer was fantastic!
Ohohohohoh! I almost forgot to show you my new books and my agenda.
I’ve pimped them with pictures from magazines and stuff.

And at last but not least; my outfit for the first day at school. I can remember the outfit that I was wearing when it was my very first day of high school. Awful! I worn a very ugly pants wit a bad-shaped pink sweater and my hair in two tails! Bleh!




  1. Sabbieeee!
    i like youuuu. :D
    hiehie wij in de Vero.
    zin in zondag!

    xxx Rosanne

  2. hey you look so cool!
    great for the first day!

  3. nice summer! ik wou ook zo graag naar fashioncamp!

  4. geweldige foto! en ik vind je broek heeel leuk :) x

  5. wat grappig, ik ben vroeger ook een keer in de meije geweest in de meivakantie, dat huisje heette t meijehof ofzo. nice;)

  6. SAB! wat een funky foto's en ik sta er natuurlijk ook overal prachtig op <3,<3 dat moeten hartjes ogen voorstellen en die komma dat is een neus. HAHAHAH! maar ik ga eventjes mijn huiswerk maken lekker wiskunde! jeeeeeeeh! haha maar ik zie je morgen weer!

    aju xxxxx. tho.
    daag daag daag

  7. volgensmij heb je een hele
    leuke vakantie gehdad!
    Wat geweldig dat je je outfit
    van klas 1 nog weet,ikweet het
    allang niet meer. Het enige
    wat ik wel weet is dat het ook
    zooooooooo lelijk was haha

  8. The penguin cardigan was real real nice!

  9. Euwh wat leuk! Ik bedoel, ik vind je post leuk :) En dat pinguinvest en je boeken. en de rest;

  10. Mooie foto's! Volgens mij heb je echt een geweldige vakantie gehad.

  11. Wauw. Ook op Fashion Camp geweest?
    Ben zelf deze zomer ook geweest, de eerste week, was echt fantastisch!
    Zal ook is foto's posten!
    Leuke style!

  12. It looks so amazing and such beautiful pictures. I love your blog:)