A week ago my niece became 18 and we visited her in her new room in Utrecht. Her room is awesome, no wonder for a girl like her, she's amazing. She has a bonzai, a poem on her wall, an old guitar, special cards on her wall, and a piece of her dress ( it got stuck in her bike and a man had to cut her out of it ) on her wall. Perfect perfect perfect
And one more thing, as i watched trough her new york photo album i suddenly started to scream, i found a blurry picture of a cute girl with a short blond haircut. YOU SAW LAURA MARLING! live in new york, can it be more perfect?


  1. Wat super vet! Daar zou ik ook wel willen wonen(:

  2. Oo, ik wil ook op kamers wonen nu ik dit zie. over anderhalf jaar voor mij misschien ;)
    x sabine

  3. If i my home wasn't rented i'd try that poem thing.

    juliet xxx

  4. Echt een super vet kamertje. Harstikke druk maar zoo leuk! x