fun for the afternoon

Hey! Today i only had school for 3 hours, and what a surprise, afterwards i asked Piek if she fancy'd to do something and she told me i could join her and her mum to a trip to Amsterdam. I love how some days can turn out so unexpected, i expected a boring afternoon with lots of homework, but i got a fun trip to Amsterdam. How lovely.
What i bought? Well i did not have much money but i bought a black waistskirt, red checkerd blouse and a scarf and blue a blue beanie, oh, and graffiti for my bike! XX

Me in the train, reading a magazine.

A cute and o so soft dog we spotted in the subway.

Piek and the city.

Enjoying a cup of thea, i know my hair it's weird, it's all bouncy and stuff.

Piek walking next to the canals.

Some really cool pants i spotted in Zipper!

Trying on a cute beanie with a pocket!

Doc Martins! I still can't pick the ones i'm going to buy.. yellow, pink or just plane and black? Tellll me please.

I always thought these were just regular coffee beans but today i discovered there actually chocolates! What a waster, how many of those delicious chocolates did i spill? Whahaha.

Piek with her new jacket in the store were she bought it.

I always take a snapshot of myself in that episode mirror, just as a habitude.

Inspiration! Hoodie scarfs, spotted in episode, i'm gonna sow one like this myself.

Piek buys a new scarf in Episode.

Piek walking trough the streets, see the difference with the first picture, she's wearing a different jacket and a new scarf!

Piek with a ( really screwed up) vespa, it had an A on it, and cause her name starts with an A.. yeah why not. ( Oh, her name is Annemiek, not Piek, i don't want you guys to think i think Piek starts with an A )


  1. oooh, amsterdam is such a beautiful city <33 i miss a-dam !
    and the shopping there is pretty nice <3

  2. hmmm i would buy plain black docs, i am thinking about getting myself some very soon ^^
    ........ or maybe pink ones xD

  3. question:
    what's the name of the shop?
    i mean the shop with lots of doc martins!
    i want them too
    the black ones i think
    but white is also very lovely..

  4. Amsterdam is super leuk!
    Woon jij in de buurt van a'dam omdat je zomaar na school daar heen gaat? echt super leuk

  5. OOh, Amsterdam heeft echt toffe winkeltjes (moet ik echt eens naartoe) La sik jou was zou ik de rode of de gele docs pakken. De zwarte vind ik te gewoon (doet me trouwens heel haard aan gothics denken) en de roze vind ik ni zo'n leuke! Maar ja jij moet kiezen

    x een Belgje

  6. neeeejoh ik woon er zo;n 45 minuten vandaan met de trein, best ver dus, maar uh tsja, waarom niet he? ik was toch lekker vreog uit

  7. Oooh leuk! Die jeans is geweldig. Ik zou trouwens voor zwarte doc Martens gaan!

  8. Ik zal voor roze gaan. Gele schoenen heb je al en roze is.. anders?! Zwart vind ik zo gothic.

    liefs, Rosanne

  9. Leuk! in de herfstvakantie gaan wij ook een weekendje naar amsterdam en ik heb er zo'n zin in. de episode en de zipper zijn zo leuk en laura dolls ook :) x

  10. Epidose en Zipper zijn echt geweldig!
    Ik heb net bij Zipper een nieuwe broek met kiezelstenen-print gekocht, echt supergave broeken <3

  11. Amsterdam is love!
    Herfstvakantie ga ik logeren
    in de leidsestraat woeheoeh :D
    oh en ik zou voor de zwarte gaan.

  12. welke winkel is die winkel met die trap, waar schoenen opstaan aan de zijkant enzo x]?
    weetniet of ik een beetje duidelijk ben?