baking pink pancakes

So here the result of my pancaking-party, the pancakes turned out discusting, it turns out i don't have an inner-cook inside me. Anyways, it was fun. Matthijs and Jasper also came over, and they ate the most disgusting ones so that there was one pretty-okay one left for me, wich i decorated with pink things, and i ate a lot of pink-pork-candy's with it. Yummy.
After the pancake disaster we just did.. things? Some pictures below.


  1. Waaar zijn onze mooie rommelmarkt pic's? haha.
    Grapje; maar het was leuk vandaaaag!

    liefss, Rosanne

  2. Heeft Jasper daar nou jouw bootschoentjes aan :P?

    Maar leuke foto's hoor! Vooral foto #7!

  3. uhu uhu, bier ofcourse

    hoe kan t ook anders..

  4. leuke foto's! ziet er gezellig uit. & dat bandje van foto 4 komt me bekend voor (A) - die zit ook om mijn arm!