Howdy cowboys,

I've been in America for a little more then a week now. And i have to say its so imprissive. We flew to Salt Lake City last sunday, and from monday to this afternoon we've been wandering around in Yellowstone national park. Right now i'm in a lodge near to Grand Teton, and i have the luck of free internet connection and the possibility to post pictures!
It bursts here from the buffalo bill look a likes with levi's, checkered shirts, cowboy boots and hats and most of all o-legs. And a funny voice.
I'm kinda talking all american myself right now, i even got some compliments. What to be happy about.
Anyway, it's really fun here, can be boring, cause i have nobody else then a 13 year old annoying brother to hang around with. So i made friends with 2 horses, a dog and a white soft cat. I bought a Eddie Vedder CD yesterday and we've officially anounced it as the CD of the holiday, this means we continouisly play it. Lovely.
Even though that the holiday is great i would still love to go back home, home sweet home.

And ofcourse, the latest buys.
- Minnetonka Ancleboots, black with ruffles.
- Eddie vedder - Into the wild CD
- Coldplay - Viva la vida CD
- Badger hat with fur and a tail!

So, let just start with some random pics ( not really special photography, just some impressions , i ofcourse show the rest of it when im back ). A lot of pics include things i've starting to love this holiday.


New York

It's Cintia Dicker! ( the one with the orange hair )

Chinese candy i bought on the airport! ( Love 1 )

Ground zero, and a glimpse of NY.

Brooklyn bridge, but then.. from an other view?

The boy i visually fell in love with, and no, that's not his girlfriend, it's his mum, SERIOUSLY! ( Love 2 )

Macy's, i lost my mum in here, but stayed completely calm and as i expected (always happens) i found her back in no time, no i did not have a cellphone.

And then, some pics token from the top of empire state! I wish i could stay there longer then i did, cause the atmosphere is lovely, there's this breezy wind and it's just an amazing view, wish i could do a photoshoot there. ( Love 3 )

Converse!!! ( Love 4 )

The only thing i bought here i'm going to show while i'm still here. My amazing and oooo so cheap checkered sailor shoes. ( Love 5 )

Yellow Stone

Jelly Belly, some kind of magic candy's that come in 41 delicious flavours and a starbucks cup. ( Love 6 + 7 )

Me and my brother in this kind of restaurant.

Geysers, i have seen so much of them. Like about a 100. Well the first 20 are interesting but after that they just all look the same, i mean, there all steamy?
They do make me feel like jumping in them, to bad that will be the last thing i will ever do if i would ( about 80 degrees celcius ).

Squirells! Eating my cookies! These things are so cuuuute. ( Love 8 )

Me, Julius and my dad in a Nature Hot Tub. There's comming boiling water into the cold water of the river, so lovely.

Me in the evening, in a river. You can't see it in the pic but if i looked right instead of left i could see a big fire in the woods, just 1 km away of our cosy cottage. ( Voor matthijs, detail detail! Het is je trui.. ghehe)This was a selfportrait.

What do i need to survive a holiday?

Lollipop in apple-cinnamon flavour. Yeah, uhm.. dont look at my face please, it's all about the lolly. This was in the car btw, photo's help against boredness. ( Love 9 )

Somehow this hat ( it's my dads , he looks just like indiana jones when he wears it ) makes me look like a cowboy. Oh, and look at the teribble shoes, my mum made me buy and wear these, but they walk heavenly, haven't had any footpain since i wore them. Thankssss mum!

Rainbow in the water. We had to walk 300 stairs to take this picture, so exhausting.

Jap, this one is for you. My mum saw this shirt on a guy and she said, that shirt suits Jap so well. hahahaha

Me with my new badger hat, on the side of a lake. I man came to me and said, Nice hat, it looks so good on you. I was so flatterted. ( Love 10 )

So, this was it for this time.
It's 9 pm here now, and i'm so tired so i think i'm going to sleep.
I will try to post some more tomorrow!


  1. Allemaal hele leuke foto's en ook hele leuke schoenen die je gekocht hebt, kon ik maar een keer naar amerika

  2. heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel leuk, vind je bootschoentjes leuk! en dat uitzicht woooow! x

  3. Lovely! Lijkt me een geweldige vakantie!

  4. wow! er zitten toch echt prachtige foto's tussen!
    whaaaaa ik wil er ook heen haha
    plies, maak een shoptopic als je terug bent <3

  5. Make sure to try the Butter Popcorn flavor of Jelly Bellies. They'll blow your mind.

  6. supervet!
    We missen je hier wel een beetje (a) Hahaha en ja, dat shirt zou me perfect staan!


  7. suuuus!
    love de bootschoenen en je muts :D
    ik mis je wel hoor, heb veel plezier! x