America 7

Last friday we bumped into our french friends at the harbour, we decided to go on a boat together. We hired a tube, and it was so much fun. Beneath some pictures, and also some of today. Tommorow morning i will fly to NY again, yeeh! And i'll be home on thursday! Oh, and a big HI! for all my friends who won't even read this cause there on this amazing festival lowlands, low sweet home!

Romane swimming.


All four of us on the tube, was so fun but it went so fast so i screamed the lungs out of my chest.

A view?

c'est romane! She took the pictures below, she's my cute little photographerrrr.

by romane : uhmm.. really close

by romane : Me?

by romane : fish, we were attacked!

My dad bought a hippy van here in the U.S.A , so my mum gave him a t-shirt ( the van is excactelly the same as on the shirt )

My parents searched for the sun, and i, took pictures.

New jackettttt

I was bored so i made breads in my hair.


  1. leuke foto's, ik vind je spijkerjasje leuk :D x

  2. leuke foto's. Hoelang blijg je nog ?

  3. kind,
    ik vind t leuk dat je het zo leuk hebt maar je moet echt terug komen! het kan me niet schelen hoeveel verhalen je over katthijs in me oor tettert, als je maar terug komt!!

    Love, xx

  4. those vans are really cool & i really like the t-shirt. can't wait to see all the stuff you've bought in America