america 6

Me in the garden of our B&B, heading for the local triftshop ( bought some realllly cool things, including 2 levi's shorts for 2 bucks! ).

What i've mostly been doing these days, sitting in the car, with the arirco on, enjoying my fruit-juice and chocolate chip cookies.

The last few days we've visited some canyons, we had to go there by off road trails, so bumpy, from most of them you could see the colorado.

We had dinner with people from our B&B, the're french, and they had 2 lovely daugthers. They were really pretty in real, and the oldest one reminded me of cory kennedy. The cool thing is, they live in the center of paris, and now our parents our planning an house-exchange, how cool!

Family's having dinner in our B&B.


  1. Ziet er allemaal leuk en gezellig uit

  2. leuk! volgens mij heb je het wel naar je zin in america :) (ik zou er ook wel eens heen willen!) x

  3. pfft ben jaloerssss. veel plezier nog ;D!

  4. You have a great blog and I was wondering if you would like to link up with me, so please let me know when you have the time!

  5. wow ziet er echt vet uit! ny combineren met die vette natuur! je hebt ook echt veel leuke dingen gekocht!