America 5

WOW! This was absolutely one of the coolest things i've ever done.
So, my 4 day ( 3 nights ) rafting trip. We had a group of 24 people, including 4 guides ( all female ). Our trip had 3 different overnighting spots, and 4 lunch-spots. We had 3 normal boats, on these you only had to sit, cause only the guide would paddle. 1 paddling boat, for 7 people and one guide, this was the most fun, and i spend most of the days on this boat. And 2 kayaks ( aka Duckies ).
I was on the paddling boat for the first 2 days, these were the days with the biggest rapids, so this was the most fun. The 3rd day i spend relaxing on a regular boat. And the last day is spended in a Duckie, the Paddling boat, and the regular boat. We were the only non-american people in our group, so i would pick on them by learning them dutch words that actually ment something really else then what i told them. I met some realllly cool people, i will post more about them ( cause they were so interesting ) when i'm back. Below you'll find some pictures.

Some of the boats.

Paddling boat group, i'm somewhere in it.

My paddling boat group in action. ( Ok this was not a big rapid )

Camp 1

Me and Jake

Jake underneath the small waterfall where we went on our hike.

Some other people of the group, on the hike.

And then, it started to rain. Camp 2

Packing the boats. Camp 3

The whole group! I'm somewhere on the right in blue.

Preparing for take-off.

On one of the regular boats with Morgan.

And some more pictures of last monday.

My favorite candy ever! Some kind of coconut fudge.

Hmmmm caramel corn.

How did he ever do this! Blue lips!?

Yeah, a blue tongue is a loooot easier.



  1. haha leuke blauwe tong.
    Volgens mij was het raften heel leuk, en ook super mooi met al die bergen enzo. Nog veel plezier! x

  2. Wow, dat ziet er echt verschrikkelijk leuk uit! Terwijl ik helemaal niet zo van het raften ben:) Jullie doen wel hele leuke dingen zeg...
    Have fun!

  3. jaaa inderdaad jullie doen veel
    dingen, maar wat wil je ook
    als je daar bent! ik heb trouwens
    dezelfde bikini.

  4. Ik heb in Frankrijk eens geraft, echt zo cool! 4 Dagen lijken me behoorlijk lang, maar ook wel weer tof :)

  5. Somehow I really love that picture with the blue tongue.

  6. woow leuke foto's! dat raften lijkt me heel leuk! en die bikini die jij aan hebt, heb ik ook :)

  7. Jemig, wát een tofheid! Verdorie Godje, ik ben superjaloers op jouw trip zeg. Leuke blog trouwens :)