America 3

And there i was again, i just can't stay off the free internet.. i mean.. it's free!
Today i haven't really done something interesting , just some swimming and reading magazines, and surfing on the internet ofcourse. So i haven't really got interesting photo's either. Some of my outfit with beloved beaver hat ( it's so fun, i feel like an animal in it, but i don't care ) and some of my outfit today, my dad said i looked like someone from a sixties movie or lidell high. I feel a bit like heidi in it, if i would wear breads the heidi-feeling would be complete.

Our car was so dirty, so i decided to let it scream for help. To bad nobody is interested in reading the back of cars.

With the beaver hat ( yesterday evening ).

Me as heidi, how i look like now. I have a hard time breating here, it's actually a bit to small. Well it must be better than a corset.

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  1. Aniek (HIYB lover)August 3, 2008 at 2:16 PM

    Zo leuk om jouw verhalen te lezen! Echt super. Ik ben 2 weken geleden terug gekomen uit Amerika (wij hebben met campers langs de west-kust getourd), maar wij hadden jammer genoeg niet zoveel tijd om goed te shoppen...:( Maar ik zag in je 'America' post een foto waar boven staat: 'What do i need to survive a holiday?'. Is dat een Ipod touch die in dat vakje zit? En waar heb je die case gekocht die eromheen zit?
    Alvast bedankt, hele fijne vakantie nog!