America 2

Yeaaah, more pictures!
This time from my dad's camera, what means that i'm in the picture instead of something/someone else. I did shot some of them myself, but most of them are taken by my dad. ( and p


My brother in the front and me and my dad in the back, on brooklyn bridge.

In the really cute cafe where i spotted that cute guy with his mum you can see in the post before.

Me on the top of empire state, with ofcourse, a camera.

Family portrait in central park.

Yeah, this reminds me of those chinese people who want to be in the picture with every thing that's even a little famous. Anyway, it's me on the roof of metropolitan museum.

The really cool metallic doggie on the top of met museum.

In front of old faithfull, a really famous geyser thingie.

Julius and me touching the ( not so boiling anymore ) water. I got shocked, so weird.

Swimming in some kind of lake, yeah it's me with the cap, i look horrible i know, but my head was burned so i had to.

Having breakfast somewhere on the side of the road.

In a chair next to the riverbend, just chilling and reading magazines.

My 2 new friends, horses! This was a selfportrait, but i look kinda hilarious.. bit weird.

Trying to pose cool next to this dam me and my brother build when we were bored, kinda fun though.

And as last, me, just 15 minutes ago, taken especially for you guys. Jeeh!


  1. ik hou van je shirt op de laatste foto, waar heb je die vandaan?

  2. dat was een cadeautje, maar hij komt uit de topshop ;)

  3. Super foto's en outfits. De bloemen jurk en de outfits met de rode vans zijn favoriet!