yeah yeah yeah

So, my friends are back ( or at least for now, they're leaving again this afternoon ) and Tim send me this vid of them.
It's hilarious ( sorry for the not so dutch guys, will be less fun for you ). Woohoo, you can see my camera in the first pic!
Well, anyway, i guess you will see more of them in londen when they are taking over my blog, if they don't forget it.

I love these pictures of Jovanka, made for her portofolio. I wish i could take pictures like this.
(oh and yes, my dress, legging and shirt in the pics! )

I'm in this kind of indie magazine ( no idea if it's well-known or whatever ) anyway, i'm happy with it!


  1. Hahahaha, ik moest zo hard lachen om die filmpjes! Echt geweldig!

    En super leuk dat je in dat tijdschrift staat!:)

  2. hahahahha lijkt erop dat ze veel lol gehad hebben in londen

  3. Wauw die foto's van Jovanka zijn inderdaad erg mooi! super van dat tijdschrift:)