what to do when you're bored

Cause my camera is gone ( Matthijs & Jasper took it with them to Londen ) i have to come up with other things to post then photography. That's kinda difficult. I tried to take pictures of my morning-ritual with our small and crappy camera, but they weren't interesting enough. Bugger.

Well, i could tell you about the fact that i watched Narnia yesterday, it's a nice movie, i loooove the mice in it, there so funny, they remind me of the cat in Shrek, and the song of regina spektor on the end is loooovely to!

The Call - Regina Spektor ( Title song of Narnia Prince Caspian )

Everyone is on a holiday, Matthijs, Jasper and Tim are gone to Londen. Cleo is gone to Spain. Sabine is gone to fashion camp. And me? I'm sitting here all alone with nothing to do. Oh! I have a job, it's nice, in an Italian store, but i only do it once a week, so then there are still 6 days a week to be bored. So, any volunteers to come and cheer me up? I'm not kidding!

I'm addicted to soko! She's soooo cute, she's comming to De Beschaving, and i'm going there, i'm so exited to see her! ( Also happy to see : Voicst, The Mystery Jets, Adam Green, I Am Kloot, Kate Nash, Oi Va Voi, The Cribs, Pete & The Pirates, Unkle bob and actually also the rest )

soKo - The Dandy Cowboys

Has anyone got any ideas for what i can do against the boredness? Would be great.

Oh crap i just remember Maxine was coming over around 1 o'clock! Have to get dressed, eat, take a shower, and brush my teeth before she arrives. HURRY!


  1. make your own clothes? ; koop een knipmode, en stof, en weg is de verveeldheid ^^, werkt bij mij :P

  2. Aaaah wat balen zeg... Ik heb zo ongeveer nu hetzelfde. Maar bij mij is iedereen druk met werk etc. dus ook geen tijd voor mij:( En dan is het ook nog eens van dat rotweer! Ik moet maar een nieuwe hobby zien te vinden...

  3. De buren spionere :p
    altijd leuk om te doen wanneer de verveelheid komt opdagen.
    Of je hebt zo site's waar ze je allemaal tips geven wat te doen zoals ; Paint stripes on a lake - Pretend to be a car -
    Try to not think about penguins - ...
    Lekker idioot, maar toch , proberen waard.

  4. THE CALL! whooohooo!
    & Soko is echt cute (: