Those Bright Shiny Lights

I'm sad.
Everyone is finished with school, except for me, cause i have a test tomorrow and another one ( cause i was sick ) on thursday.
That just SUCKS! The thing that sucks most, is the fact that i wanted to go to vampire weekend with cleo this evening, but my parents wouldn't let me. Jasper en Matthijs and Tim originally would not go, but they decided to go anyway, leavin me all alone.
I'm so freaking jealous, it's goddamn vampire weekend, for goddamn 16 euro's, and i'm not there to see them, and all my friends are! THATS JUST MEAN.. but yeah.. i understand why my parents said no.. it still sucks. Though the fun thing is that cleo does not know that Jasper, Matthijs and Tim are going too, i really wanted to se her face when she found out they were there too. Hihi.
Hmmmmmmpf.. school sucks. I had such a bad mark.. ( voor de nederlanders, een 2,5, hoe slecht is dat! ) WHAT IF I DONT MAKE IT TROUGH THIS YEAR? I'm tired, i'm jealous, i'm alone, and i'm sad, can it be worse?
Well, anyway, today was fun though, went swimming with Jasper, Matthijs and Maxine. Somehow i always believe them(while there actually lying). Like today, when we went to get our swimming-gear, jasper suddenly dissapeared, so i called him. Yes, i'm at Matthijs' place. So i went there.. but.. no bikes in front of the house? I called again, when i stood in front of the door. Hi, were on the bike, were going to the supermarket. I was sooo pissed. After about 5 minutes on my bike, they called me and said they were still at Matthijs's place, but had put the bikes inside. Goddamn, i believe like everything! ( Oh, they also made me jump off a really high bridge, they said they would go along with me, but ofcourse, they didn't jump, those bastards. )
Well, i guess you will find a report of vampire weekend on Cleo's blog later.
Now i'm going to send them some text messages, cause i ofcourse want to be updated in my all-alloness.
Bye for now! ( oh yes, this means i'm posting again, hihi )

OH! i totally forgot something..
Today is a special day, and that's actually all thanks to a girl called Rosa.
She often reads my blog, and she's responsable for me and my boyfriend being together.
So, here's a big THANK YOU!
I happen to have no picture of you, cause i don't know you ( well i do by face and name ).
But i do have a picture of you're brother ( the blond one ), i hope that's good enough..
So here it is.. hihi. Thanks Thanks Thanks!


  1. ik vind je blog echt way cool, ik kijk er al een tijd naar en ik ben vanochtend een eigen begonnen.
    blijven posten, je schrijft echt heel leuk

  2. hee !
    wat gaaf, ik kreeg spontaan een grote glimlach op me gezicht toen ik het las !
    greetings, rosa

  3. AHHHHHHH I'm seeing Vampire Weekend... for $40, but 16 euros! You should have snuck out ^-^
    nice blog!