new york DAY 2

Hello again!

New York is still amazing, but hot, the weater is great, what i dont really like. Cause today was my second NY day with a migraine.

Anyway, today we've been to central park, MoMa, and uhmm.. other stuff?

I did a lot of shopping today, i spend 2 hours all alone in NY, this was so cool, it wasn't scary at all.

I've bought :

- 2 pair of havianas , for only 6 dollars! (sacks)

- a checkered top ( H&M )

- a seetrough back with black studs? ( H&M )

- levi's blue skinny jeans ( levi's story )

- salmon coloured knitted top ( forever 21 )

- black blazer ( H&M )

- black/white striped blazer ( forever 21 )

- white legging ( H&M )

- sunglasses ( forever 21 )

- seetrough low allstars SO COOL!

- white shirt with mixtapes ( forever 21 )

- And some presentsssss

im kinda out of money now.. oops

well tomorrow where going to salt lake city, i dont think i have internet there.

so guys, smell ya later ( other peeps want to go on the internet )

have fun with the rest!



  1. niet te geloven! mag je ALLEEN door NY lopen?!! aaaaaaah nu ben ik gewoon boos van jaloezie (op m'n ouders dan, niet op jou geen zorgen)toen ik 5 minuten boos terug naar het hotel was gelopen vanuit Macy's liet mama de hele macy's afzoeken met security en al!
    en nu al geld op?! meid wat jij in 1 dag hebt gekocht heb ik 4/5 dagen over gedaan jeetjemineetje!
    have fun daar
    xx jaloerse sab

  2. mmm.. i like presents