new york DAY 1


Im so lucky, my hotel has got free internet, so now i can tell you all about my trip!
Well, today was my very first day in NY. And there's only one thing i can say, it's freaking amazing! I've literally fallen in love with the city, i had the butterflies when i walked trough it.
So, my adventures here. Well, yesterday evening we arrived at JFK around 6 o'clock pm. We went to eat something and walk trough Broadway, i spotted Cinthia Dicker ( aka , famous model ) but i was so in shock ( i really had my mouth open and she laughed at me ) that i was to late to take a picture of the front, i do have one of her back. Unfortunatelly i can't upload those, cause this pc wont let me. Cranks. Well, today i've done a lot of stuff, i've walked on the Brooklyn bridge, been to ground zero, and went to the top of the empire state building. It all was amazing, but so exhausting, the shoes i wore definatelly weren't made for walkin al day ( let's say from 8 am till 10 pm ). Ofcourse i did some shopping to, this was incredible. I love to shop here, correction, i love the city! What i noticed!? All the women, and then i mean ALL of them, are wearing flip flops or gladiator sandals.. must be some hype ( good for me, i like it! ). I've done some streetstyle photography too, you will see those in a few weeks. Oh oh oh, and i've fallen in love ( visualy, did not speak to him ) with this boy.. he was so cute. Whihihi.

Im tired ( it's 11:10 pm now here in NY ), and my feet hurt like shit. So i'm going to sleep.
Tomorrow i'll post more about my adventures. I hate the fact i can't upload pics.. but yeah.

What i've bought today :
- Some cute things to put 'on' my keys, shirts and monkeys. ( century 21 )
- 2 fake wayfahrers, red and white ( market )
- Sailor shoes ( for the dutch : van die kak zeil achtige schoenen met zo'n vetertje ) with checks! ( some weird sports shop )
- Creme low All stars ( shoe shop )
- Purple oversized sweater ( american apparal )
- White & Blue striped boy shorts ( forever 21 )
- Blue Gilet ( forever 21 )
- Lipstick pens ( marc by marc jacobs !!!! )


( P.S , voor de budies, op een of andere debiele wijze heb ik hier in heel de U.S geen bereik, al mis je me toch echt te erg sms of bel dan naar 0655321323 )


  1. ooo geweldig,
    Leuke dingen gekocht!
    Ik had trouwens ook geen bereik in
    Amerika ;s

  2. suuuuuzeeee!
    ik ben terug!
    wist je dat ik je gewoon 6 weken niet zie:o that's too long!
    ik hoop dat je t nice hebt in amerika:)
    ben vergeten van de allies, moet nog even bedenken welke kleur ik wil, als t nog kan?
    noordspanje was ook wel leuk heur, heb alles gezien: strand bergen en steden^^ ben ook in bilbao geweest, dat was wel supernice.
    dagg lief kind:D
    have fun and all that!
    ( oja je moet me nog ff je wachtwoord enzo geven, zodat ik je blog even intressant kan houden ^^)
    dooee alle vettee amerikanen de groeten van me!
    vette foto's met sabine trouwens een paar berichten terug!
    nou umm tot over 4 weken dan maar he.......
    (seriously,that's too long)

  3. Aaah, super geweldig! Fijn dat je internet hebt. Heel erg veel plezier en koop maar veel mooie kleren:)

  4. Well, It's nice to hear you like Nyc. I live in Ny but not in the city I live a train ride away, it's allot cooler in the city then where I live.

  5. WHAAAA i can't wait for the pictures!
    suze suze suze je maakt me echt zo hyperactief haha
    ik wil ook zo graag naar New York.
    OMG! Cintia Dicker! supertof!
    hoop dat je nog een geweldige tijd hebt in Amerika! en ik ga je blog helemaal plat spammen denk ik. sorry :') maar i just love it!

  6. glad you like NY. I've been reading your blog for a bit now, after stumbling upon it, it's a riot of life, and fun to keep up. here on the West Coast everyone wears flip flops pretty much all year round... we're a pretty laid back bunch. don't get bogged down by the heat!
    take care,

  7. Zo leuk dt je in NY zit!
    (En leuke spullen trouwens!)
    Hopelijk doen je voeten morgen minder pijn (;

  8. Wij waren rond dezelfde tijd in NY. Jij ging 26 juli 't Empire State Building op, ik één dagje eerder. Lacheeeuh.