meeting place

Today i went to the Viaduct together with Sabine. We had so much fun.
We had a lot of paint with us, so we could make a wall in one colour, it worked out a bit different than we expected, but it still was fun. We also painted a huuuuge cupcake, it looked amazing!
I think these pictures are great :).

( OH, and i see you've met tim, well he's the first one to post something, the rest will come after the weekend i guess! )


  1. het is toch een regel in de graffitiwereld dat je niet over elkaars werk heen mag spuiten? of is dit een speciale muur? koele foto trouwens! xoxo

  2. Wat een geweldige foto's, en ben verliefd op dat poezenvest! Waar vandaan (A)?

  3. foei! dit is vandalisme dames!
    nee grapje :') echt superleuk!
    i love the pictures!

  4. I want to be a stylist to but how long you do this