love machine

A few weeks ago i was reading the new Ellegirl, and i came across a picture of a girl in the pink-luella dress i've always been loving. I liked her, and when i read Alex Turner was her boyfriend, i became even more curious ( and jealous ). Soon as possible i searched on the internet for pictures, what now concludes in about 200 pics of her on my pc. Obsessed?.. No.. but i do like her a lot. She always wears great combinations, and a lot of luella ( a brand i completely love ), and she seems to be addicted to socks, well hurray, so am i, only you just don't get to see a lot of that. The fact that Alex Turner is her boyfriend makes her even more interesting for me, cause i totally adore him. He has this cute alien like face ( sorry alex ), what i think is really cute. His performing skills are awesome, i love the arctic monkeys and the last shadow puppets. So, they must be the most inspirative couple at the moment for me. I've searched for some pics of them together. I'll try to post some outfits inspirated on her later this week.


  1. Haar stijl is echt super! Ik ga ook even gauw google'en!
    Haar zwarte jas lijkt erg op die van mij:)
    Alex Turner is cute!

    Stond jij nou in de Ellegirl?
    Heb je die pagina op de computer staan?
    Ik wil hem heel graag zien:D

  2. Hun zijn gewoon voor elkaar bestemd, a perfect match! Vind haar stijl super, maar die van Alex is ook echt leuk (vooral die outfit met een grijze blouse, zwart jackje en de bruine schoenen)!

  3. it's worth having a search through her fashion spot page, as it's prety extensive seeing as she has gone from a little brit tv presenter to a massive fashion icon in the past year!

    she's a cutie, i agree.

  4. ye her outfits are uhmazing..
    have you seen the programme she presented called vanity lair?
    it is good - was on channel 4 in england but you can watch it on 4od

  5. she is very inspiring i think, she has a really good taste in clothes and i like her boyfriend xD

  6. Jaa, zij is echt mooi en altijd heel goed gekleed! <3