It's a big hard sun..

The Netherlands... a great country, but most of the time the weather sucks.
But not at this moment. It was today like 30 degrees outside, and I just love that!

'It's a big hard sun.'

Today I woke up at 10 AM and I looked outside my window and on that moment I was thinking: "What a goddamn beautiful day!"
a few moments later I saw the camera on my sidetable. (which we used in London)
it's a really cool camera cause it's shockproof, waterproof and a small one. And it's very easy to take pictures with. (and also contains many options) I borrowed it from a friend, but actually the camera is also a little bit mine... but that's a long story.

Anyway I was thinking this morning: "Let's take some pictures!" Beacause I also found a thingy somewhere for in my room in which I can put some photo's in for on the wall.. (maybe I'll take a picture of that later after I filled it with 5 pictures)

Suze asked me also, as you all probably already knew, to put stuff on her blog while she's making the USA unsafe. I always go to H.I.Y.B. to check out the beautiful pictures which Suze takes. So I thought maybe I can give it a try to take some pictures, made my myself, and put them on her website... because the returning visitors are probably used to check pictures out.

When I came downstairs my mom asked me to mow the grass, and I also helped my dad with shaving/cut (whatever) the hedge a few hours later. But it was a really good opportunity to take some pictures before it, during it and after it. Our 2 dogs were really happy to see me so I made a lot of pictures of them.

So here we go:

The dogs are called 'Whoopie' and 'Quincy'. The one on the last picture is Quincy and so the other one is Whoopie (sounds like 'woep-pie'). Oh and that dangerous little black sheepy-thing is called 'Freddie', looks cute you think? Well when you turn your back to him, he and his two other little white-sheepy-friends will definitely try to kill you. (no just kidding, he's really lovely)

I hope that you guys have enjoyed the pictures.

Viva la vacation!

I' m also off for a vacation from the 2nd of august till the 9th of august. I'm going to a dutch island called 'Terschelling', I'll definitely drink a lot of beers there... but anyway I forgot something. I had the Summer-chilling-tips for you guys.

So here you go:

Discover Moby!

Those songs will definitely let you enjoy your vacation a little bit more. Try to listen to them when you're chilling out and when you didn't know those songs already.

Peace out enzeau...



  1. Wat heb jij een leuke zonnebril!! Mooie foto's heb je gemaakt.
    Ik moest echt lachen om die filmpjes in Londen van de Pleurisbridge! Een vriendin en ik wilde daardoor ook al naar Amsterdam gaan en ook van die grapjes uithalen:)

  2. Thanks @ both.

    Over de zonnebril nog:

    Moet er eigenlijk een vet shirt of wat bij kopen met eenzelfde motief.
    Like this:

    En over die filmpjes: We hebben er nog meer. O.a. een over dat we mensen vragen naar de eifeltoren in London en andere flauwheden. Alleen gaat het uploaden een beetje verrot.

  3. Aaah wat een super vet vest! Is wel grappig voor erbij ja:)

    Jammer dat het uploaden niet werkt:( Had ze graag willen zien! En de eiffeltoren in Londen is wel echt fantastisch:D Zijn jullie daar met z'n drietjes geweest? Ik ga in september naar Londen, ik heb er zo veel zin in!!